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Hippie Boho Woven Collection

Remember the thrill of shopping for school clothes? Sunshine’s new Woven Collections make an impression on campus with their updated twists on old hippie styles. Designers started by taking the best elements of timeless bohemian classics like the Baja, the hobo bag, and the fanny pack and adding extras including pockets, zippers, and wooden button closures. The eye-catching fabric weaves, and a color pallet designed to be paired with denim jeans, enhance the easy-go versatility.

From hoodies and zip-ups to hobo bags, Sunshine Joy’s Woven Collection has cool fashions everyone can comfortably get into. Sunshine Joy also offers everything from tapestries and curtains to blankets and 3D posters to turn any dorm room from dull to dynamic. There are a wide variety of patterns and prints, many with officially licensed Grateful Dead, Woodstock, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, and counterculture designs.

Sunshine Joy

(401) 769-8800

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