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Canna Aid

Hookahzz CBD Concentrates

There’s a customer at the register ready to cough up the scratch for a $300 mini-rig. You’ve already upsold him with a quartz nail and a pack of No Goo jars and you’re about to close him out.

“Need anything else today?” you ask. He smiles.

“Not unless you have something to put in my rig.” Cue the record scratch. Shit just got awkward.

But what if you did have something to put in it? It sounds like a dangerous question, but in the right context, it’s actually harmless, and not just if you live in one of the lucky states. Case in point, if you were to carry Hemp Hookahzz’s new line of hemp-derived CBD concentrates, this otherwise awkward moment could be your opportunity to bump the sale up by another 50 bucks.

Hemp Hookahzz’s 50-state legal CBD concentrates come in four varieties: crumble, wax, shatter and isolate, with the isolate being the most potent of the bunch, boasting a whopping 950mg of active compound per gram. Though Hemp Hookahzz cannot legally make claims about the benefits of CBD, they can guarantee that their products are exactly what they tout them to be with no synthetic additives. The rest can be easily researched. The MSRP ranges from $29.99 all the way to $79.99, and as they say, you get what you pay for. In this case, that means a quality offering of one of the hottest selling items in the market from a respected company. Score.

Canna Aid

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