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How to Manage Economic Uncertainty Without Losing Customers

Inflation has been top of mind for many small businesses this year as they grapple with increased costs across the board. According to the latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, November prices were about 7% higher than the year before. Some costs, such as energy and food have seen even steeper increases. 

One way to counter the rise in expenses is by raising prices. Nobody likes when it comes to this, but sometimes tough choices have to be made in the name of survival. If you are going to raise prices, do it cautiously. If there are low-cost ways you can add value alongside any price increases, this could ease the pain a little. 

The important thing if you chose to raise prices is to be transparent and communicate with your customer base. Don’t try to hide the price increases as this will damage trust. Depending on your products, you might look at promoting a budget-friendly option that will help you keep those customers who are struggling financially.

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