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How to Spark Your 4th of July Sales

You might say the Fourth of July is a BOOM for business. According to a survey by, Americans spend $6.6 billion on party supplies over the weekend including $1 billion worth of beer. All in all, the average household spends roughly $346.50 over the July Fourth holiday on food and drinks and other supplies.

This year, the 4th of July lands in the middle of the week, and sets up perfect storm where partying is concerned — there’s the weekend before, the week during, the day of, and the weekend after. That’s 11 days of non-stop partying if you count in the Fridays. That also means that many more days for you to bring businesses into your shop. Granted, you’re not selling hotdogs, baked beans, soda and beer, but you do have plenty of “other supplies” that add the good times.

Our forefathers founded this great nation for people like you – the independent business owner. And you’d be be disgracing the very fabric of our way of life if did not capitalize on all the money that Independence Day holiday is going to generate. Here are two ways to spark up 4th of July sales:

Salute the Red, White & Blue

Independence Day isn’t just about fireworks and picnics—it’s a celebration of our nation, and freedom. Use that patriotic spirit in your 4th of July promotion. America: home of the brave, land of the discount. Post the word on your social media that customers who stop by the week of Independence Day wearing red, white, and blue and will receive 10% off any [item]. Be sure and have some little flags to hand out to everyone and a nice display of red, white and blue lighters by the cash register. “Are you going to do some fireworks,” your sales person will ask. “Sounds like fun —- you’ll be needing a LIGHTER!”

Promote the 4th

In case you failed 4th grade history, the Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4th, 1776. That’s 7-4-1776, and some pretty fun numbers to play around with. Offer some smaller items for 4-for-$7 or a mid-range product for $17.76. Ah-HA! You get the idea.

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