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Canna Aid

HQ Welcome Feb 2020

Happy February, one and all. It is nothing but a pleasure to be on the other side of winter and all its bone-chilling bleakness. It’s not completely warm yet, especially in the northern half of the continent, but the Winter Solstice is now more than a month behind us, which means that the Sun is climbing a little higher on the horizon each day. Life is returning, slowly but surely. It’s almost time to come out of hibernation.

Not that any of us really got to hibernate; the retail cycle would never allow it. From Christmas rush to inventory to restock and now, straight into trade show season, there’s just no rest for the weary. But hey, at least trade show season means a trip to Vegas, where it’s practically always warm. If you’re heading out to the shows, especially CHAMPS, be sure and pack your orthopedic shoes and be doubly sure to come by the booth and say hi. We’ll be right up in the front as always. And if you’re currently flipping through this issue at the show, please take a moment to visit the booths of all of our wonderful sponsors and tell them we sent you. Meanwhile, wherever you are, we hope you enjoy the contents herein as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

Happy Valentines Day, happy Presidents Day and a joyous trade show season to all of you!