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Canna Aid

The Hydrology9 by Cloudius

If three is a magic number, then nine is triple the magic, which could explain the meaning behind the name, Cloudius9. And if their new Hydrology9 lives up to the hype, that’s officially nine squared, which means 27 times the magic. That’s just straight math.

Put simply, the Hydrology9 is a beautifully orchestrated marriage of the herbal enthusiast’s two favorite things: vapor and water filtration. Sure, the two have been flirting for years, and have even hooked up a few times for a hot roll in the sheets, but the magic was never quite strong enough for a lifetime commitment. But with 27 times the magic (remember that math?), it’s safe to say that deal is now sealed.

It would be hard to imagine getting much more than this out of a dry herb vape. Its high-precision performance with five temperature settings means you get the flavor you want. Its six water chambers mean you get the filtration you want. The pass-through charging means you get to keep the party alive even when the battery’s dead, and the rotational device at the base means you get to refresh your sesh with minimal effort. So, raise a glass to the bride and groom. Their union is now official, and their offspring, your pleasure.

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