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Canna Aid

Hydrology9 NX Flower & Concentrate Vaporizer

Flower enthusiasts know the quality and convenience of the original Hydrology9 water-filtered vaporiser from Cloudious9, a leader in cannabis consumption hardware and technology. Now the company has upped their game with the introduction of the Hydrology9 NX, a dual-use modular vaporizer for use with both flower and concentrates. Featuring a switchable concentrate atomizer and hybrid convection flower heating chamber, the Hydrology9 NX was designed with an uncompromising dedication to each material’s unique vaporization attributes. The dedicated concentrate atomizer features a 100% glass quartz bucket and an additional ceramic bucket for the purest contact with extracted materials. The revolutionary thermal plate heating technology, designed for ultra-efficient heat generation and maximum surface area coverage without any cold spots, recreating a modernized torch-like experience. The mouthpiece also contains a hidden quartz carb cap that allows the user to maximize airflow over the consumable, ensuring maximum flavor profiles. Alternatively, the separate and dedicated hybrid flower heating chamber utilizes our patent-pending “Dual Layer” heating technology that combines the vapor consistency of convection heating with the space and energy efficiency of conduction heating. It’s no wonder that LA Weekly exclaimed in their review, “This badass piece really does it all!”

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