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Canna Aid

Hyer Big E

There are amazing new products being released in this market every day. But every so often, there is that one that shows up and truly manages to tingle the nether regions of our inner gadget nerd. At press time, if there is one new piece of merch worthy of such a description, it’s the Hyer Big E, the latest in a steady stream of new innovations whose goal is to make the torch obsolete.

Billed as “the safest and easiest way to dab,” The Big E is a battery powered e-nail with an adjustable base designed to fit just about any rig on the market and an advertised room temperature to dab-a-riffic heating time of a mere 90 seconds. If that’s not enough to get the juices flowing, the unit also features a magnetic charging port that all but eliminates the disasters that often accompany sessions with clumsy friends. Forgot to charge your smartphone? They’ve got that covered too with an extra USB port just for juicing up your dying electronics. Cap it all off with a stash drawer and dab tool and you just might have yourself a real reason to drop your torch at the Goodwill.

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