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Canna Aid

iDab Carta Vape Attachment 



By now you probably know all about the Carta Electronic Dab Rig from Focus V. We probably don’t even need to tell you about how it uses Bluetooth technology for precision control, or how it’s powered by removable long-lasting 18350 batteries—or even how you can use the rig for dabs or dry herb with simple swap of a bucket. Likely, you know all of this and more. 


But did you also know that once you’ve sold your customer on the rig, you can then upsell them with a replacement glass attachment from iDab Glass? You do now.  

Modeled after the now-iconic Henny Bottle Rig Design, the iDab Carta Vape Attachment is precision crafted to fit the Carta as perfectly as the original dome and features a built-in perc for draws as smooth as the terps are tasty. Just as sexy as the performance is the aesthetic, with the sacred geometry logo now synonymous with the brand, and of course, the “Inhale the good, exhale the bad” mantra inscribed on the back to remind you—just in case you forgot—of why you began partaking of the calming herb in the first place.
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