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ilo Vapor™ Announces DabTabs Go™

The First Portable Vaporizer Crossover Designed for Ultra-Convenient Measured-Dose of Extracts

Ilo Vapor introduces the patent-pending DabTabs Go™, the first and only ultra-portable cartridge-style vaporizer designed for use with ilo’s DabTabs™ and VapeBits™ dablets.

Designed to offer true vaporization and adaptable performance with most industry-standard “510-thread” batteries on the market, the DabTabs Go Crossover is poised to reset how consumers vaporize at home or on the go. The product also contains technology that makes it easier than ever for consumers to utilize DabTabs’ specific, measured, extract-dosing virtually anywhere.

“We’re thrilled to hear from our beta testers how DabTabs Go has changed the way they consume extracts. We are excited to offer a further layer of benefits to their vaping experiences,” said Greg Lynch, ilo’s president. Lynch continued, “The DabTabs Go will be the first portable crossover product to provide true vaporization while bridging the gap between traditional dabbing and a cartridge-type experience, offering the best of both consumption methods.”

Unlike other vaporization products that claim accurate dosing, DabTabs dablets conform to ASTM testing standards to hold a specific volume that provides a consistent, accurate, vaporizable dose. When paired with the DabTabs Go, consumers will have access to a clean, full-spectrum accurately dosed vaporizer that retails for significantly less than other portable vaporizers and utilizes the widely available and highly popular 510-thread-style cartridge battery technology.

“When you pair our new device with our dablets and vari™ smart battery, the result is an affordable, precisely measured and combustion-free vaporization experience that is smooth and full-flavored,” said Lou Franz, COO of ilo Vapor™. He added, “Consumers who prefer the portability of cartridges can now enjoy true vaporization in a handheld device free of the heavy metals and lead now being detected in many commercial cartridges.”

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