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Jack’s Picks: Holiday Gift Ideas

Holiday Stocking Stuffers That Resonate with Every Toker


Hoping to elevate your holiday sales? Jack Privett of South Carolina’s SevenSense International has some advice for you: Think beyond the smoke. Discover gifts that spark “aha” moments for customers seeking unique and funky stocking stuffers. These aren’t consumption devices, but they still resonate with the jokers, smokers, and midnight tokers on your holiday shopping list.

Pop Culture Picks

Personalize the gifting experience by offering collectibles featuring pop culture icons, both mainstream and niche, from licensed suppliers. From music to rare anime, choose items that resonate with your local demographic. Small businesses can shine by handpicking favorites, leaving big stores in the dust!

Coffee Cups Galore

Everyone loves a unique mug. Stock both popular icons and rare finds to cater to collectors and coffee connoisseurs alike!

Tabletop Triumphs

Bring families together with classic games, but with a pop culture twist. Star Wars Monopoly, anyone? How about a Rick and Morty Chess Set? The possibilities here are as numerous as the hours it takes to finish a game of Monopoly. 

Plushie Power:

They’re soft, cute, and not just for the young ones. These cuddly companions win hearts of all ages.

Brilliant Bags

Why settle for a boring old Jansport when there are a billion options for premo personalization? Backpacks, handbags, and lunchboxes in cool designs always hit the mark. And don’t forget that there are plenty of smell-proof options from companies you’re probably already stocking; Dime Bags, Seedless, Skunk, etc.

Poster Perfect

Why Posters? Because there is nothing more effective, personal, nostalgic, or cost effective than awesome posters.

Canna Aid

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