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January 2021 Welcome

Ladies and Gentlemen, 2020 is officially over. We repeat: 2020 is officially over. Good firkin Lord, what even was that and who in their right mind would have considered that an acceptable year? We have no idea who’s responsible for managing years, but when we find out, they’re getting a damn earful. We’re going full ‘Karen’ on them.  


Welcome to 2021. To your left, you’ll soon notice a presidential Twitter feed that is significantly less prolific than to which you’ve become accustomed, while just around the bend, you’ll encounter a subsiding of the pandemic, thanks to scientific breakthroughs achieved by the private sector in strategic partnership with the previous administration.   


For those who are especially savvy, there is a trade show just ahead that promises to be the most innovative, luxurious and productive booth show the industry has yet to experience. You’ll want to pay especially close attention to that one. It will likely be the new standard for our market. Beyond that, we see at least 11 more issues packed with insightful and informative content catered specifically to your needs from the longest running publication in the industry.  


Happy 2021!