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Jolly CBD Disposables

Get your vaping jollies with Jolly Cannabis CBD Disposable Vapes! Crafted with top-tier quality, resilience, and performance in mind, these compact and sleek devices offer seamless vaping with pre-filled, pre-charged features, and an automatic firing mechanism.

Equipped with a 350mAh rechargeable battery and a 2mL tank capacity, long-lasting sessions are a given, while the BBGear Ceramic Coil and 1.2ohm resistance guarantee exceptional, consistent performance.
The unique fusion of hemp-derived CBD, minor cannabinoids, and strain-specific terpenes delivers a genuinely flavorful hit while packing quite the experiential punch. Discover the varied line-up of Jolly Cannabis CBD Disposable Vape strains: Green Crack’s invigorating mango flavor, Do-Si-Dos’ sweet, floral taste with sedative-like effects, Blueberry Diesel’s euphoric sensation paired with a delightful blueberry tang, Space Cookies’ relaxing effect matched with a sweet profile, and Strawberry Cough’s uplifting, euphoric feel with a luscious berry taste.

With less than 0.3% THC, the perks of Jolly Cannabis CBD Disposable Vapes can be enjoyed wherever, whenever.

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