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Canna Aid

Jonathan Adler 

Who is Jonathan Adler? You only need to open the latest issue “My House is More Beautiful Than Yours” magazine to see luxe living spaces decorated with Adler’s stylish furnishings synonymous with modern American glamour. 

Adler launched his namesake brand after leaving his day job to pursue his first love: pottery. His imaginative, colorful and visually creative ethos soon turned to furniture, home decor, rugs, lighting and bedding. The SoHo chic loved his imaginative pieces, and it wasn’t long before Adler’s take on interior design was the talk of townhouses across the country.  

Adler’s work has been described as “unexpected, outrageous, over-the-top” and a commentary on mainstream culture — that includes cannabis. Adler’s signature Smolder design with fiery red lips and alluring black and platinum puff of smoke is featured on a line of trippy home goods, including drink coasters, rolling trays, beaded wall art and games (have fun assembling the 750pc foil-stamped puzzle after a few dabs). Going back to his roots in the pottery studio, Adler also created a collection of high-fired (no pun intended) porcelain stash jars and cannisters celebrating life’s little helpers from sweets to sedatives. There’s even one for keeping your kitty’s favorite catnip! 


Canna Aid

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