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Journey Pipe J4



If you’ve been working in this little corner of commerce for more than 90 seconds, then you are no doubt already familiar with the Journey Pipe. But let’s review, just in case. 


The Journey Pipe has been billed as the “ultimate travel pipe,” and with its rugged alloy construction, screenless technology and magnetic connections, it’s hard to argue otherwise. Cleaning is a simple as popping the components apart and rubbing them down with a dab of olive oil while the swivel lid allows you to pack and pocket your unit with no fear of spills.  


As if all of that wasn’t enough, they’ve now stepped it up with the J4, the latest iteration of their classic design, which they’re billing as the industry’s first pipe to have a complete silicone exterior and classic alloy exterior. Additionally, the J4 features the largest bowl and frame of any model yet, while the silicone exterior reduces conductive heat transfer to near zero.






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