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Canna Aid

JPAQ Preroll Case


Itching to explore the great outdoors? Along with a compass and trail mix, you’ll surely want to pack a few pre-rolls. But sticking the joints in your cargo shorts or stuffing them into your backpack is a sure-fire way for them to get crushed, bent and destroyed. Luckily, a pair of Florida-based entrepreneurs came up with the ultimate packaging solution to protect and preserve your smokes. 

JPAQ is a premium, gasket-sealed and child-resistant multi-pack preroll storage container designed for herb lovers on the go. The smartphone-size JPAQ holds up to five prerolls (not included, duh) with a secret gasket-sealed gasket-sealed compartment where you can keep a half-smoked joint to finish later. The child-resistant case (available in three sizes + a version specifically for blunts coming soon) is made of recycled plastic and designed to be crush proof and odor and water resistant. Whether your adventures take you to the mountains or the city, JPAQ is the ultimate cannabis travel companion. 



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