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Canna Aid

June 2021 Welcome

Things are heating up as we step towards the warmer summer months and we couldn’t be any more excited…especially as the nation relaxes covid restrictions. We are ready to rock and know you are too! 


First in the line-up…’Clean’, ‘safe’, ‘natural’, or ‘pure’ CBD are pivotal selling points for many CBD brands. However, these buzz words are meaningless without the evidence to support such claims. Check out our most recent feature to see which companies make the cut and which are on the chopping block. 


Next up, join us as we go behind the scenes with The PowerHitter. The seventies may have been groovy, but for pot smokers. The choice of pipes was a real drag, being limited to ceramic and metal spoons, some basic glass bongs, and maybe an apple or Mr. Pib can with holes punched in them if you were desperate or low on dough. Not anymore, though! Say hello to the PowerHitter: innovative, BPA-free and flame retardant plastic, and hits harder while easily popping back to shape.  Try it today…their 31K+ social media followers aren’t lying when they say they love it! 


Lastly, Tom Pierson (Husband and co-owner of Kaleidoscope with wife Pam) offers sage marital advice after almost a half century of being married. He sums it up in just a few words. “No matter what she asks for or says, my answer is the same‘honey whatever you want to do is fine with me.’”  Check out HQ’s Shop of the Month to learn more about how this shop survived the storms for over 50 years! 


We hope to see you all next month in Las Vegas at The HQ Event & Trade Show! You don’t want to miss it! Call our office today 505-275-6049 for details or register at

Canna Aid

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