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Canna Aid

Kashmir Rolling Papers

A tug of war wages daily in the mind of the retail purchaser. It’s price vs. quality, perpetually locked in a stalemate struggle of opposing forces where value is the rope. Everyone wants quality, yet no one wants to cough up the scratch to obtain it. The struggle is real, folks.

But there is hope, at least when it comes to rolling papers. Imagine this: 100% organic hemp and natural, unbleached papers that your tight-fisted clientele can grab up for only $.99 a pack. That includes all sizes; 1-1/4, 1-1/2, Single, Wide and Jumbo Size.
Fantasy, you say? Nay. It’s even more real than the struggle, thanks to Inter-Continental Trading USA Inc.’s release of Kashmir rolling papers. Forget the tug of war. With the addition of Kashmir, Inter-Continental just plopped value straight on a medieval rack and stretched the poor bastard between price and quality until his limbs were ready to pop out of the damn sockets. And who could blame them? With magic like this, it has to be witchcraft.

Kashmir Rolling Papers – Inter-Continental Trading USA Inc.

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