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Canna Aid


Who among us doesn’t love a good one-hitter? It’s the easiest ways to smoke a pinch in a pinch. And a glass onie? Even better. Then again, maybe “love” is too strong a word. Maybe back when we were still toking out of brass eyebrow burners, the term would have been applicable, but not so much today. We’ve been spoiled by too many options that don’t make us gag and cough. Nonetheless, we do still appreciate them, if nothing else, for their simple convenience and affordability.

But what if we could bring back the love? That’s exactly what the Kool1 is here to do. Developed in collaboration with Helix, the Kool1 brings a fresh new take to the classic one-hitter design. To make this happen, they’ve added what they’ve dubbed the “intercooler,” which is basically a perfectly placed carb that provides a 70:30 mix of hot smoke and cool air, thereby chilling the draw, increasing absorption rates, and expanding the terpene profile of each puff. Better yet, this extra value comes at no added cost, as the Kool1 boasts a super-low MSRP of only $5, with a huge margin for the retailer. Don’t forget to ask about their kickass displays!


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