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Canna Aid

KOR Medial


Aligning biology with science, KOR Medical is changing the future of cannabinoids by combining nano-emulsified formulas and top-quality ingredients with a personalized approach. 

Citing the mental and physical strain on American consumers over the last two years, KOR Medical products use the transformative power of CBD, CBN and CBG cannabinoids to support every angle of body and mind. The lab-tested Health, Sleep, Calm and Relief products include sprays, strips, and transdermal creams and employ a combination of the finest compounds and advanced delivery techniques for optimum absorption and quick onset time.

Getting educated on cannabis is like learning a new language, and big brother is always watching to make sure retailers don’t turn into pseudo pharmacists. That’s why KOR Medical has partnered with Leaf411 to provide free, personalized support to customers who can speak directly with a cannabis-trained registered nurse on cannabinoid use and applications.

KOR Medical cannabinoid-based products are manufactured in facilities that are GMP compliant and registered with the FDA. COA’s are published for review, and each batch is easily tracked with a unique pin number, ensuring you and your customers the highest level of quality, safety and satisfaction.


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