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Canna Aid

Kraken Kratom Nano Kratom Shots

Unleash the Kraken (Kratom)!

Recognizing that life’s too short for ordinary experiences, Kraken Kratom tasked their R&D team with a mission: to create a concentrated kratom formula that prioritized convenience and effect. Nano Kratom Shots are the result!

The key is Nano Emulsification which, for those who skipped chemistry class, shrinks large particles down to nano-sized droplets, making them more soluble and easier to absorb. Proven in fields like food science, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals, the technique provides a fast-acting, flavorful kratom experience, without the need for synthetic additives or carbonation. Another benefit is a visually appealing, stable mixture that doesn’t separate, ensuring a longer shelf life—great for retailers and consumers alike!

The Zenith NANO 250 Kratom Shot takes the spotlight, setting the gold standard with an impressive 250mg of mitragynine per 15ml bottle, perfectly tailored for seasoned Kratom connoisseurs. Next in line, the Nano 150 Liquid Kratom Shot offers a choice between Curuba and Cappuccino flavors, both delivering 150mg of mitragynine per serving. Finally, the Nanoberry Liquid Kratom Extract features a welcoming berry flavor and 56mg of mitragynine per bottle, offering a little something, even for the newbs and lightweights.

Canna Aid

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