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Kung Fu Vapes

In those glorious states of our union where the healing herb has been relieved of its government-mandated exile, the medicated vape cartridge is increasingly becoming the vehicle of choice for discerning consumers, and with good reason. It’s discreet, it’s easy to use, and the dosage is far more quantifiable than a bowl pack or a cone. But herein lies the rub: most of the gear on the market was developed and calibrated for nicotine liquids, and it doesn’t take a PhD in chemistry to understand that those two compounds aren’t even close to similar.

Enter Kung Fu Vapes, a product line from Spokane, Washington developed specifically to enhance and accommodate the unique chemistry of the cannabis plant. (Readers in non-legal states, avert your eyes.)

Kung Fu’s latest offering is the Pocket Rig 3.0, a 35w nano box designed with medicated cartridges in mind, disposable or reusable. The box is equipped to not only power the atomizer, but also to heat the cartridge externally, thereby ‘unlocking’ it, as they say, to optimize every draw. Speaking of draws, the one on this unit clocks in at 15 seconds. If that’s not enough to get your terpene-tasting buds tingling, one charge will last up to two weeks. White label options available.

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