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Kush Kolectiv Unipod

The all new Unipod rechargeable vape system by Kush Kolectiv has been engineered from the ground up to showcase the latest in vape delivery technology. Among the features that put the Unipod at the front of its class is are a durable and lightweight carbon black aluminum alloy body, magnetic adapter constructed with rare earth magnets that ensure the high-capacity Unipods snap into place and stay connected, vibration sensors that provides haptic feedback during inhalation to measure dosage, variable voltage settings, and a safety lock mechanism that protects against unauthorized or accidental usage. The Unipod was designed to function optimally with a wide range of distillates in a leak free design. The high quality ceramic cores vaporize safely with ease while preserving flavor. Large bore air holes were designed to maximize flow and prevent clogs. Each pod has a remarkable 2 gram capacity, twice the amount found in typical devices.

UNIPOD Starter Kits and 2G pods are shipping now. Learn more at

Canna Aid

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