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Lady Stash by Erbanna

Erbanna. For most, the mention of that name will likely trigger thoughts of a company vying for a share of the odor-proof bag market. Those thoughts are correct, but only partially.

Yes, they offer bags that enable you to carry your sticky icky with confidence and discretion—that much is true. But their niche is in how they marry this functionality with an unrivaled aesthetic detail, no doubt the result of their founder’s previous life as a high-fashion handbag designer. It goes well beyond the bags, though.

Case in point is the the Lady Stash series, their new line of personal humidors designed for the classiest of cannabis aficionados. Made of quality hardwoods and lined with odorless mahogany so as not to spoil the flavor, the Lady Stash Humidor is a complete home storage solution. Each box is equipped with a hygrometer to monitor moisture levels, glass jars with breathable lids (plus a spare air-tight lid for handy transport), a space for the recommended Integra Packet, and slots for storing vape cartridges upright. Wholesale prices are set with a more-than-keystone margin for the retailer while the MSRP is dialed in to the price/value sweet spot that’s all-but-guaranteed to make them move.

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