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Legacy Series Fingerprint Lock Box from Hakuna Supply

Add this next item to the very top of the “Holy-shit-I-gotta-have-it” list for 2021. 


The Legacy Series Fingerprint Lock Box from Hakuna Supply is a foray into luxury that would border on excess, were its price/value ratio not so delicately balanced. It’s storage, security, organization, convenience and unrivaled elegance, all rolled into one. 


As the name implies, the Lock Box features a fingerprint-triggered lock with a memory bank that can store up to ten sets of prints at once. And in case you unexpectedly burn off your fingertips in a kitchen fiasco or lop off a digit in a freak accident involving a Weed-Wacker, there’s a backup lock and key system for guaranteed access, no matter the state of your manual appendages. 


It’s not just a security system, though. It’s also an organizer, with three compartments that can be adjusted to fit your needs and preferences, along with a rolling tray to avoid gumming up your nightstand. 


Now, for the “but wait, there’s more” part: Hakuna’s Legacy Series Fingerprint Lockbox also acts as a portable power station with a 500MAH power bank built right into the unit, allowing you to charge your gear on the go. 


Available in bamboo or black. Hakuna’ma’ganja!


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