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With the emergence of the LEVO series, making butter has never been easier—nor has it been classier. Both the LEVO and the LEVO II are high-tech, surprisingly affordable herbal infusion units that will bring an air of Sharper Image-esque sophistication to any kitchen countertop. But make sure you explain what it is to your overnight guests. Otherwise, they may wake up expecting espresso.

The original LEVO is awesome enough, automating the typically messy process of countertop oil-infusion into a process that’s as simple as loading a compartment and pushing a button. It uses no solvents or emulsifier, features touchscreen activated, precision temperature and time controls, comes equipped with a silicon stirring paddle and dishwasher-safe components, and automatically filters and dispenses up to 16oz into the receptacle of your choice.

The LEVO II takes it all a step further with a built-in drying and activation cycle, WIFI capabilities/LEVO app compatibility, and an expanded chamber for up to 20oz of production per session. Neither are exactly cheap—the original LEVO comes with a sticker price of two bills while the second-generation commands more than double at $449.99—but as the saying goes, you get what you pay for.
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