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Canna Aid

Lighter Bro

“Got a lighter, bro?”

“Oh, I don’t just have a lighter, bro. I have a LighterBro.”

“What’s a LigtherBro, bro?”

“What’s a LighterBro?? Bro. Are you telling me you go around with your naked Bic showing for everyone to see? Cover your lighter, Bro. Get a LighterBro.”

“So the LigtherBro is for covering my Bic?”

“Partially. It also enhances your Bic. The LighterBro takes an ordinary lighter and transforms it into a mini-Swiss Army knife for resourceful smokers. The 420-alloy stainless steel body slides right over any standard Bic and comes equipped with a blunt-splitting razor knife, trimming scissors, a poker/dabber that doubles as a micro screwdriver, and a bottle opener.”

“But what if I have a small Bic?”

“Not to worry, Bro. You can even make a small Bic a top-notch performer with the LighterBro Micro.”

“Well, I was just asking for a friend. I have a full-sized Bic.”

“Well, then upgrade to the LighterBro Pro, bro. It’s got an extra thirteen tools to ensure your Bic is never lacking.”

“That sounds great, but what if I don’t have a Bic at all? What if I’m . . . Bic-less?”

“Not a problem. The LighterBro fits a Clipper too.” • 805-880-0070

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