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Canna Aid

Little High

The buzz over the past year in smoke and vape shops has been Delta 8, or D8. A derivative of CBD, but offering some of the psychotropic effects of THC, Delta 8 has invigorated many vape shops that were floundering due to the FDA pressure on the e-liquid market, and given smoke shops a new profit center without much effort.

And the D8 market has gotten very crowded over the past year.

Little High oils were early proponents into the market, and since they had the equipment, distribution network, and workforce from their years of manufacturing e-liquid, they got a jump on the market and were one of the top manufacturers. They initially made products for others, but decided to create their own line which gets you, “a little high,” said Anthony Montoya, General Manager of the Los Angeles based company.

“Carts and disposables are our main lines,” said Montoya, “but we offer gummies and other Delta products along with HHC. We pride ourselves on batch testing and getting Certificates of Analysis (COA) on every new run, so as to ensure our customers—as well as ourselves—that we are putting out quality products.”

Five Star Juice is the main company behind the Little High brand, and they also have a strong partnership with Runtz + Litty, two big names in the D8 and liquid space.

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