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Magic CBD Chewable Capsules

Magic CBD Chewable Capsules

Don’t make the mistake of confusing magic with illusion. Illusion is slight of hand, simple tricks to manipulate children into buying delusion. Magic, on the other hand, is a blanket term for those forces of nature we’ve yet to understand. For a company specializing in the nutritional benefits of cannabis, there are few terms better suited as a handle.

For Magic CBD, the meaning of the name is twofold. First, it’s the magic of the cannabis plant itself, that plant-based miracle that science is only beginning to acknowledge. Second, and almost as important, is the magic of the delivery.

Forget fumbling with droppers or having to choke down pills. Magic CBD offers tasty, chewable capsules that go down more easily than pot prices in Oregon. The earthy notes of hemp, combined with a dash of sucrose makes for a delicate balance of flavor, rendering it as pleasant to the palate as it is good for the body.

Each capsule contains 15mg of organic, broad spectrum CBD with zero THC, sourced from their farm in North Carolina and processed in a fully FDA-compliant facility in Florida.

Dosing is easy: Two a day should keep the demons at bay. It’s the magic of hemp.

It’s Magic CBD.
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