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March 2021 Welcome

To paraphrase Denzel Washington in the Training Day, the most successful businesspeople thrive on “player to player, pimp to pimp” interactions to secure their next deal and get the attention of a new client. In light of the pandemic, and social distancing guidelines, those in-person meetings are becoming more challenging, and that’s why live streaming videos have become an effective alternative for brands to reach their target audience — just the same, it’s a dynamic way for retailers to learn about new products and build rapport with vendors and brands you need to grow their businesses.


Our goal at HQ has always been to connect retailers, brands and distributors. We’re constantly evolving the ways we do that, be it the Market Zone shopping platform, our new industry trade show, and now livestream interviews on our social media channels. We can’t take all the credit — according to a recent marketing survey, 96% of B2B respondents are engaging with customers through video content, and more than three-quarters confirm that livestreaming has positively impacted sales results.


It’s easy to see why livestreaming is so popular. Putting a face to a name creates a stronger connection than a forgettable phone call. If you want to get people excited about a big announcement or product launch, going live to get the word out should be an integral part of your marketing plan.


Come on as our special guest and you’ll have the opportunity to share your brand story, demo products and answer questions to help retailers and their teams better sell to their customers. Hit us up at to get on the schedule and be part of the show. And buyers, we invite you to tune in and interact live on the latest and greatest B2B experience. As Denzel would say, King Kong ain’t got nothing on our reach!

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