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MAV Glass

If you’ve been working in this industry for more than a minute, you’re probably more than familiar with MAV Glass. But in case you’ve been operating your business out of a cave, let’s bring you up to speed. MAV started out as a small glass studio in Los Angeles, California in 2010, but through quality craftsmanship and social media savviness, quickly expanded into an accessories brand that is known across the world. Now, unable to meet demand from a single studio, they’ve built a network of independent glassblowers from across SoCal to bring their signature quality to the masses at reasonable prices.

One of the hottest pieces currently in their repertoire is the Humboldt Rig, a full-sized recycler with a 5-hole waffle perc, dual uptake, vortex recycle function and separated chambers. Named after the legendary region of Northern California from whence nearly all quality herbiage use to flow, the Rig features a can design, along with a hollow bottom that allows for more area for the vapor to condense, creating a flavor experience as wide as the day is long. Peep their catalog for an extensive selection of glass smoking accessories for every occasion, along with an entire family of subsidiary brands boasting designs of their own.


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