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Mighty Fast Candy Leaf Molds

Mighty Fast Candy Leaf Molds

Already have a Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser in your kitchen? That’s a good life choice. It’s a fantastic appliance, practically a staple for at-home alchemists, and it’s only 160 bucks to boot. Throw in their vacuum vault and you’re practically set; a machine for making edibles and a vault to keep them fresh.

But if you think you’ve grabbed all you can from the herbal infusion enthusiasts, think again. They’ve got yet another addition to their line and this one will barely put a nick in your wallet. They’re called the Mighty Fast Candy Leaf Molds, and as the name implies, they’re the easiest way this side of the Emerald City to make your next batch of edibles in the shape of your favorite leaf. What leaf, you may ask? Depends on your state, really, but let’s go with hemp.

Made of 100% BPA-free, food-safe, non-stick silicon and perfect for anything from gummies to hard candies, these molds are all but certain to make you the hero of your next party, or even family get-together, if your parents are cool. The cherry on the sundae is they retail for only $4.95, so you can grab a tray, no matter how tight your budget.

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