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Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser

It was Hippocrates, the hallowed Greek practitioner of the ancient healing arts who first said, “Let food be thy medicine,” nearly 2,500 years ago.

In 2017, his words aren’t just instructive; they’re damn-near prophetic. We don’t just inhale the essence of our healing herbs anymore. We ingest it. Natural medicine is now a culinary endeavor where the flavor profile is nearly as crucial to the therapy as the dosage. But to achieve either aspect, you must first master the art of herbal infusion.

Or, you can just let the Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser do it for you. This contraption is by no means the first to offer an easier way to turn your cuisine into cures. But in its short time on the market, it’s become the first choice of many, thanks to its ease of use, superior design and functionality, and incredibly affordable sticker price of $159.95.

For deliciously ‘lifted’ lipids perfect for anything from the classic brownie all the way to an herb-basted duck dinner, it’s as simple as dropping in your decarboxylated herbs, adding the oil/butter, closing the lid, and pushing a button. Select “Mighty Fast 1” for a quick, 45-minute turn around, “Mighty Fast 2” for a richer yield in 90 minutes, or go all out with the four-hour “Mighty Long” for tinctures. If it was any easier, it would make the edibles for you. Each unit comes standard with a stainless-steel strainer, measuring cup, organic hemp filter bag and instruction manual.

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