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Millennials Still “Smoking” Over Other Methods of Marijuana Consumption 




A new report from analytics company Headset found millennials to be the biggest category for cannabis consumption in California and their overwhelming choice is still smoking.  


The latest report on August sales revealed that millennial males contributed to the most sales with 37.5% of the market share.” Millennials in general spent 43% of their money on flower, 9% on pre-rolls, and another 23% on vape pens. Making almost two-thirds of all purchases in the smoking category. 


Female cannabis consumers in this category weren’t as big of fans of the smokable categories. The ladies spent 17% of their money on vape pens in California, which was far less than the men. However, this was the biggest category for female vape pen buyers. Other female age groups spent much less on vape pens. 


Top Five Vape Pens 


Among all demographics, these were the top five vape pens sold in California for August: 


  1. Stiizy 
  2. Raw Garden 
  3. Heavy Hitters 
  4. ABX 
  5. Select 


Because Millennials drive the majority of vape pen sales and Gen Z has the biggest impact of any age groups to vapes, brands targeting these groups see strong sales. While Heavy Hitters and ABX, rank 3 and 4 respectively, they are still successful brands in the California vape market with both Gen X and Baby Boomers. According to the report, this shows that even within a category, there are brands that resonate best with different types of customers. 


Evergreen State 


The August sales report also took a deep dive into the state of Washington as a comparison. Men also dominated the smokable categories in this state as well. Over 60% of the sales in the flower and vape categories were by men. 59% of pre-roll sales were also men. Women, who make up 35% of the total cannabis market in Washington, tend to go for edibles, accounting for 43% of the sales.  


Here are the top ten edible products in Washington according to Headset: 


Top Ten Edibles 


  1. Magic Kitchen 
  2. Hot Sugar 
  3. Craft Elixirs 
  4. Verdelux 
  5. FlavRX 
  6. CannaBurst 
  7. The 4.20 bar 
  8. Honu 
  9. Mr. Moxey’s Mints 
  10.  Smokiez 

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