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MIT 45 Silver 2x

MIT 45 Silver 2x

Two years ago, we told you it was Rocket Fuel. We weren’t wrong.

MIT 45, the fire-in-a-bottle kratom extract we raved about is still burning up the shelves and showing no signs of cooling. But rockets are for astronauts, and while we admire those who dare traverse the final frontier, most of us prefer to remain on our home planet.

Hence, the release of MIT 45 Silver, a concoction with the same quality extract as the original, but mild and mellow for the timid masses. With Silver, the company hit their niche perfectly, but they soon realized you can’t have a small and large without a medium.

Their ‘medium,’ if you will, is here. It’s called MIT 45 Silver 2x, and as the name suggests, it’s a new take on the original Silver, enhanced with enough punch to satisfy the real kratom connoisseurs, the ones who demand more than the gentle mildness marketed to soccer moms. This is the real deal, an accessible but potent helping of our favorite tea leaf in shot form, priced to sell at $9.99 and stacked to win with just the right balance of active ingredients.

MIT 45 Silver 2x; it’s your happy medium.


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