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Canna Aid

MONQ Therapeutic Air

You wouldn’t know from some of the horse-shoe glass galleries out there, but traditionally, a head shop has been about far more than just the inhalation of assorted combustible plant materials and their related derivatives. It’s been about a particular mindset. It’s been a space where those who have chosen to see reality outside the lenses prescribed by the institutions erected to keep us in line can come together and enhance their journeys.

It’s not hard easy to understand why the MONQ Therapeutic Air is the perfect extension of that tradition. Developed by a medical surgeon, this new line available through Greenlane is an aromatherapy delivery system that merges new technology with ancient wisdom to bring the healing power of plant essential oils to a new millennium. Whatever your need, there is a carefully selected herbal blend for you, each of them fueled by thousands of years of traditional knowledge.
Let’s make one thing clear, though: the MONQ Therapeutic Air diffusers are not e-cigs. To use, simply put the open end to your lips and pull using the same technique you would with a straw. When your mouth is full of vapor, exhale through your nose. Give your lungs a break.

Made from organic and all natural ingredients. 11 blends available.

Canna Aid

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