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Mormons Open Book on Utah Initiative

The Angel Moroni – from the Mormon Temple in Bern, Switzerland

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has weighed in on Utah’s state-wide marijuana initiative, which aims to secure a spot on the November ballot. 

Among the LDS objections to the Marijuana Initiative is that it “Will Allow People Who Grow Their Own Marijuana to Evade Purchase and Use Limits,” “Requires the State to Destroy Records of Cannabis Sales after 60 Days, which Will Hamper Law Enforcement,” “Allows a Person With a Criminal Background, IncludingDrug Convictions, to Get a Medical Cannabis Card,” “Allows Marijuana Use for Conditions That Are Common but Difficult to Verify and Diagnose,” and “Requires Science to Be Ignored because the Board can develop guidelines for treatment with cannabis, but those guidelines may not limit the availability of cannabis for any reason.”

Church leaders invited the public to make their own judgement of the memorandum which they say raises grave concerns about the “serious adverse consequences” that could follow if the initiative are adopted.