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Murky Waters Studio

Milli Bottom Rigs by Murky Waters Studio 

In the glass world, the choice between art and production isn’t always binary. There’s more nuance than that; degrees of expression and calculation that counterbalance to form not a definable line, but a spectrum.  This is how one must gauge the Milli Bottom Rig series from Murkey Waters studio. The Easton, Maryland-based family business is primarily a custom glass outfit, so by their standards, these rigs are production pieces. But compare these mid-priced functional masterpieces to a laminated factory brand and suddenly, they start feeling a hell of a lot more like a work of art.    


Every unit in the series is banger hanger style with multiple marias, made exclusively with Schott glass, and adorned in explosively colorful, house-made millis at the base, which are magnified to the ‘nth degree when water is added.  Each iteration is slightly different, so prices can vary, but they move at an average MSRP of $300 with a solid keystoned margin for the retailer. Available in 10mm and 14mm. 

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