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Canna Aid


Memorize and repeat: Butane is for refilling lighters. MZ12X is for herbal extraction.

Why? Well, if you have yet to figure out why home butane extraction is a terrible idea, perhaps we should let you carry on as before, lest we disrupt the evolutionary process of natural selection. But, for the sake of argument, let’s look beyond the obvious danger involved. As a solvent, butane is clumsy and imprecise; a machete when you need a scalpel. It may extract those components that elicit a tangible effect, but you lose the subtleties of the strain; the terpenes, the flavonoids, the lesser-known phytocannabinoids, etc. Let’s not even get started on the residues.

MZ12X is an organic, non-toxic, virtually non-combustible (about as flammable as cooking sherry) di-methyl ether solvent that, when used properly, produces full spectrum extractions that taste and smell almost as sumptuous as the original flower. It has an evaporation rate of 100%, which means no toxins, no residues, no heavy metals and no excess purge times, and it boasts 2.5x the efficiency of butane. Best of all, it’s sourced by simply capturing the methane produced from decomposing biomass, so your hippie conscience can rest easy.

Save your money. Save your health. Save the planet. Taste the spectrum.

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