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Nadi Nectar

In traditional Indian medicine, Nadis are the channels by which the various energies of the body flow, connecting at points of intensity known as the chakras and effectively unblocked through the practice of yoga. Within this philosophy is a holistic view of the body, where everything is connected and obstructions to the flow of energy anywhere within our system can lead to ailments and infirmity. It almost sounds as if the Indian practitioners of 3,000 years ago already understood the ECS.

It is for this reason that the masterminds behind the dōp brand of accessories have chosen to dub their new line of CBD products, Nadi Nectar. Really, Nadi Nectar is more than just CBD. It’s a full spectrum hemp extract, containing CBD, CBC, CBG, CBDV, CBN and of course, >0.3% THC—available in tincture or gel caps. The gel caps are simple; 25mg, available in quantities of 30 or 60. For the tinctures on the other hand, first choose your strength (500mg, 1,000mg, or 1500mg) and then choose your terpene profile (Clementine-sativa, Lemon Diesel-hybrid or Barry White-indica.) Best of all, just like dōp, a portion of all proceeds goes to benefit MAPS, the nonprofit dedicated to raising awareness of the benefits of psychedelics. Get Nadi!


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