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NeJ Grabba Roller by EZJ

After speaking with the inventor of this amazing work of engineering and craftsmanship, I came away astounded at how many considerations had been put into his invention. First of all, there is the sturdy-yet-elegant design inspired by in-depth research of nineteenth century cigar rolling machine patents. By combining old world aesthetics and quality with modern purpose and tastes, EZJ has crafted a machine worthy of newcomers and connoisseurs alike. Not only is it easy to use and maintain, and built to last a lifetime, it produces rolled goodies designed specifically to prevent tar retention and heat buildup, making these cigarillo-sized rollies easier on your tastebuds and respiratory system than those made using either cones or traditional rollers. Whether you prefer traditional rolling papers, tobacco wraps or some other cover, there is nothing better to fill it with than an NeJ Grabba Roller—and certainly no other gadget from your collection you’re more likely to leave in plain sight so that you can show it off to your friends. 

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