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No-Wood Dugouts by Entwood

No-Wood Dugouts by Entwood

Great news, tree huggers! Thanks to the fine folks at Entwood, you can now enjoy all the portable perks of the classic dugout design without contributing to the murder of one of your forest friends. That’s because of the Entwood “No Woods,” their brand-new line of plastic hitter boxes made of 100% recycled milk cartons. Each dugout requires a full pound of milk cartons, which means when you buy one, that’s one pound of plastic that won’t end up cluttering the ocean. Save a tree. Save the fish. That’s a double win! Plus, just imagine how smug you’ll get to be at your next toke session! There’s going to be so much winning, you’ll be sick of winning.

There’s more to these than just a gimmick, though. The No Woods come with all the standard features you’d expect from any dugout worth your hard-earned cheddar. Oops, sorry. You’re probably vegan, too. Daiya? Anyway, they’ve got it all; the virtually seamless swivel top, the large ceramic bat in a spring-loaded compartment, and an extra-large stash chamber to keep you puffing all damn day. Available in 12 color varieties; nine vibrant and three wood grain.

Coming soon: Hempwood Dugouts. Yes, it’s exactly what you think.


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