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NoGoo Silicone Pipes

NoGoo founder and CEO, Jonny B, may not have invented silicone, but his business savvy and clever branding are undoubtedly what transformed the material into the dab-head staple it is today. Since NoGoo’s Nickelodeon-style splat in the marketplace, silicone has gone from being a choice to the choice in 710 storage. Meanwhile, Mr. B has continued to stay at the forefront of all things ‘errl’ by incrementally expanding his line to include an entire array of silicone dab accessories.

Now, the 710 magnate has extended his silicone empire yet again to include hand pipes, waterpipes and dab rigs. Like the containers before them, silicone pipes have already been done, but arguably not with NoGoo’s quality innovation, nor its signature branding. Every SKU in the new line of rugged, lightweight smoking devices comes equipped with the appropriate glass fittings for a clean hit and is imprinted with the NoGoo logo that discerning consumers have come to know and love. The dab rig, however, takes functionality and versatility a step further with a lanyard for easy transport, a secret storage bay bottom, and a removable mouthpiece that can stand alone as a silicone chillum. No need for fancy cleaning supplies; the NoGoo non-stick pipes clean perfectly and easily with saltwater and alcohol. Available in six colors.

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