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Canna Aid

October Welcome

Welcome to October of 2020. If you’re reading this, congratulations.  You’ve now survived 10 months of the most apocalyptic year on record. That’s 83%. You’re almost there and little worse for the wear. Good on you. And guess what?! We’ve all been wearing masks for six months already. Halloween’s gonna be a breeze.  


Being that it’s October, let’s go ahead and get the obligatory “stock up for Christmas” rambling out of the way. Honestly, if you’ve maneuvered through the chaos of 2020, we’re pretty sure you’ve got such basics on lock.  Just in case though, here you go: People buy lots of stuff in December. Make sure you have stuff they want to buy. 10-4? Cool. Let’s move on.   


Far more important than the standard Holiday prep-talk (see what we did there?) is our responsibility to ensure that you’re informed on the DEA’s latest move to cripple our industry. Hopefully, you’ve been paying attention and you already know what’s afoot. If you don’t, that’s OK. We’ve spelled it out in detail for you on page [insert page number]. Give it a read and help us push back against the maneuverings of our age-old antagonist. This is important.  


Meanwhile, enjoy the rest of the issue and keep on keeping on through the madness. We’ll catch you on the flippy.