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Omerta Transporter Backpack

 From short day hikes and summit scrambles to all-day adventures into the city, the Omerta Transporter from Dime Bags is right pack for the job.  

Dime Bags makes some of the best backpacks on the market — period. They actually outsell Jansport! Measuring 18 x 13 x 6 inches with nine compartments, the Transporter will fit all your gear from a laptop and headphones to a change of clothes for that overnighter. To everyone else, the Transporter looks like an ordinary daypack, but you’ll be secure in knowing that it is lockable, water resistant, and lined with carbon activated layers to keep the stank in (from your bud or dirty socks). All bags are uniquely keyed – it’s like you get a set of car keys for your backpack. Reactivating the smell-proof carbon lining is easy – simply toss in the dryer on low heat for 10 minutes and you’re good as new. 

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