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Omura Revolutionizes Whole Flower Experience with First-of-Its-Kind Heat-Not-Burn Technology


Omura (, a next-generation cannabis company, unveils a first-of-its kind whole flower vaporizer that introduces precision dosing through its proprietary  heat-not-burn technology — no extracts or boiled-down by-products. The Omura Series X is a next-generation device for people who want the benefits of whole flower without the burning or combustion that comes with other flower formats such as pre-rolls or vapes. Paired with its unique Flowersticks, the Omura Series X delivers a precise dose with each use.

Simply insert the Flowerstick of your choice (sativa, indica, hybrid, or CBD) and the state-of-the-art, Omura Series X instantly vaporizes the whole plant for inhalation. Because there’s no burning, the heat-not-burn device preserves the cannabinoids and terpenes that are lost during smoking. This allows users to experience the sought-after “entourage effect” of whole plant consumption—a more balanced buzz that happens when the full plant compounds work synergistically.

Because Flowersticks are perfectly dosed, the consumer can layer sticks to achieve their desired experience, controlling the experience in a way that was never before available. Daily cannabis users to canna-curious adults will love how easy the Omura Series X makes it to deliver the right amount each time. No burning. No smoke. No guesswork. No mess. No by-products.

“Like drinking wine, the Omura Series X allows users to choose the right amount by layering Flowersticks. This lets people perfect their dose and unwind without worry,” says

Michael Simpson, Co-CEO of Omura. “We are the first cannabis company to bring precise dosing to flower so that consumers can experience all the benefits of whole flower in a controlled, balanced way.”

The technology: Created by whole flower enthusiasts, this first-to-market device features a patented dual heat source that preserves the healthy terpenes that typically get “burned off” in the smoking process. The device powers on for three minutes at a time to ensure safe dosing. Users can enjoy up to 6-8 sessions before the battery needs a recharge.

The flower: Every Omura Series X comes with a pack of 12 Flowersticks, each pre-filled with 0.17 grams of 100% whole, unprocessed flower. Unlike conventional pens that use processed oil cartridges, Omura’s disposable Flowersticks contain ONLY pure flower with no trim, no chemical additives, eliminating the need for grinding, packing or cleaning. Omura’s whole flower strains are sourced from local hemp, CBD and cannabis brand partners.

The design: The Omura Series X was created in partnership with the award-winning industrial designer Michael Young, ensuring its high-tech inside is matched by a high-fashion outside. This sleek and discrete device comes in four colors: gun metal, savanna (green), sand, and rose.

“We are delighted to introduce a device that truly pioneers the evolution of whole flower,” says Simpson. “The Omura Series X exemplifies cannabis consumption as nature intended it. This device is the truest expression of our brand’s mission of bringing precision and purity to the cannabis experience.”

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