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Ooze Glyco 



When that summer heatwave hits, your customers will be looking for a way to cool off. Tell them to “chill out” with the Ooze Glyco that is filled with liquid glycerin, that when frozen, is like smoking out of an entire bong made of ice. 

Made from strong borosilicate glass, the colorful glycerin fills both the base and the bowl (sandwiched between the two layers of glass). Stick in the freezer about an hour before you plan to light up, and soon you’ll be enjoying the frostiest hits around! The old-school way to achieve this was by loading your piece up with ice, but that means you’ll eventually have too much water, and sometimes the cubes just won’t fit. The Glyco stands 6.5” high, and includes a 14mm glycerin-filled, screened glass bowl. It features a glass percolator on your down stem to ensure you’re inhaling the smoothest hit possible. This piece is also compatible with 14mm bangers (not included). Available in a variety of striking neon colors. Iridescent packaging with a see-thu window will look cool on your shelf and be a real attention grabber! 

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