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Ooze Movez Speaker Vape

The Ooze Movez is sure to make (sound)waves as soon as it hits your shelves. More than a novelty, the Ooze Movez portable speaker/vaporizer adds is the perfect partner for parties, festivals, outdoor adventures, and any other activity that is improved with music and a puff from a vape. The round shape is a unique silhouette for Ooze vapes. Pre-filled 510 cartridges insert into the chamber on the top of the device and a magnet adapter (included in each package) screws onto the bottom of the cartridge to lock it into place once it’s dropped in. The most exciting part of the Movez is the fact that it also functions as a mini bluetooth speaker. Press the center button for three seconds to turn the speaker on, and the device will show up as Movez in the pairing list of your smartphone. All of the music controls, including volume, are managed through your mobile device, keeping the Movez super simple to use. A bright ring of rainbow LED lights on the Movez flash to indicate device readiness and power level, and illuminate while the speaker plays and while taking an inhale. The Movez comes in retail-ready packaging designed to show off the device without needing to take it out of the box – it’s fully displayed to let customers know this is no average vaporizer!

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