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Ooze Wake & Bake Mugs

Kickstart your day with a dash of depravity and a splash of silliness, courtesy of Ooze’s Wake & Bake Mugs!

For sci-fi fans, the Alien Surfer mug pipe offers a spacey vibe with three crazy eyeballs staring you down while you load your flower into the small bowl situated just in front of the alien’s toothy smile. Load your favorite herb, pour in your steaming coffee or tea, and delight in the harmonious fusion of flavors as you sip and puff your way to wakefulness.

The Toxic Waste Barrel mug pipe is the ultimate antidote to being dead tired, harnessing the power of its neon green slime to transform you into a morning mutant. Fill it with your preferred pick-me-up, pack the bowl near the base, and let the anticipation build as you channel your inner Toxic Avenger! Ooze’s Wake & Bake Mugs seamlessly combine functionality and fun, turning your morning ritual into memorable madness.

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