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Need to class up the joint? Start small.

First, class up your joint. We’re not going to tell you what papers to use or claim that a certain strain is any better than any other. But we will tell you that smoking culture has evolved and if you’re still regularly pulling hot lunch from the spit-soaked end of your hit stick, it’s high time that you evolved too.

Enter OrganitipS, the original line of wood rolling tips made to turn any toking tube into a stylish work of functional art, whether it’s made from a paper, a wrap, a hollowed-out cigar, a natural rolling leaf or whatever else your imagination can muster.
The appeal is more than just a matter of aesthetics. The ergonomic shape allows for effortless grip while the interior was designed for the perfect balance of air flow. Choose from grape, honey or sugar cane flavors, or go with none at all and let the terpene profile shine through, unadulterated.

The only low-end aspect of this offering is the price point, which means your customers can enjoy the high-class elegance, even if they’re on a working-class budget—while you enjoy the easy up-sell.

OrganitipS. They’re on a roll with class.
IG: @organitips
Twitter: @organitips

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